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May, 2024

Our region

Our region

Come and see the Hotel Monte Rio, a wonderful place to discover !!

In the heart of the Lafões valley


São Pedro do Sul, a city in Beira, is located in the heart of the Lafões valley. Its green landscape is framed by the massifs of the mountains of Arada, Gralheira and S. Macário. Its streams of cold, crystalline water, its villages hidden in the valleys and mountains together with the magnificent sunset and sunrise, constitute a piece of the world that serves as a refuge for the Gods of inspiration.

From the top of Serra do S. Macário the sun's rays are more beautiful, the strong colors that dazzle, in the landscapes are a treat for the views, everyone says they are of divine creation. From the 1054m of the hill, you can see the mountains of Montemuro, Estrela and the Serra do Caramulo, you can see all the green valley of Lafões and on days of greater clarity you can see, in Porto, the Torre dos Clérigos.

As not everything is landscape, on your visit to the region of São Pedro do Sul, you can find Historical Monuments, enjoy unspoilt landscapes with walking, cycling, Jeep, motorcycle or even horse riding. It also has sports and radical activities for all ages.

In addition to these reasons, your program should include a visit to the Termas de São Pedro do Sul, where you will find Roman archaeological collections from the ancient baths and when you arrived at the recently rebuilt baths, you will be able to enjoy different thermal programs of your choice. The thermal baths of São Pedro do Sul are certainly the main reason why this place has become the main health tourism destination in Portugal.

Thermal baths of São Pedro do Sul

Health and wellness

The traces of the use of the thermal waters of São Pedro do Sul are lost in time, with curative and well-being purposes. If Rainha Dª Amélia attended these spas with remarkable health improvements, which is why in 1985 Caldas de Lafões came to be called Caldas da Rainha D. Amélia, today with the experience of the past and the technology and conditions that in the present, there we can find, the quality and the therapeutic potential of these waters is unquestionable. But the Queen mentioned is not the first, since the Romans and some of the greatest kings of Portugal turned to her, such as D. Afonso Henriques and D. Manuel Primeiro.

It is therefore, a wisdom made of several millennia, of multiple experiences and permanent positive results throughout history, motivate this use.

Today São Pedro do Sul and its thermal baths are the most popular tourist and health destination. And in fact, whoever passes by here wants to return ...

Located in São Pedro do Sul, in the largest thermal area in the country, the Hotel Palace Hotel & Spa Monte Rio has modern and welcoming facilities to enjoy a full stay. Ideal for couples, families and groups.


The Hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, dynamic indoor pool and SPA services with a diverse range of massages. (more information on the SPA page). It offers a restaurant on the top floor with a privileged view over Rio and a restaurant and rooms for organizing events. Guests can rent a bicycle and explore the region and make the most of the Termas de São Pedro do Sul.


The Hotel Palace Hotel & Spa Monte Rio offers free transportation, in Mercedes-Benz 9-seater vans, from the Hotel to the Spa and from the Spa to the Hotel for its Aquistas.

Regional Gastronomy

In the Lafões Region, you can eat divinely. The Veal Assada is the most famous dish, given the quality of the meat and the mastery of spices. But Cabrito à Lafões, Rojões in the style of S. Pedro, Bacalhau com Broa, Arroz de Vinha d'Alhos, Carqueja and Bean soup with cabbage à Lafonense are very popular dishes. And, to accompany… Dão / Lafões wines.


The sausages are recommended and… as for sweets, the variety is so great that it is really difficult to choose. Still, it is worth tasting the delicious Pão de Ló de Sul, the Folar of the area, the Caladinhos and Vouguinhas.

Points of interest

Here are some suggestions for points of interest in the region:
Aldeia da Pena
Pena Village

Aldeia da Pena is a village in the parish of Covas do Rio, municipality of São Pedro do Sul, district of Viseu. It is one of the typical shale villages [1]. Located 325 km from Lisbon and 20 km from São Pedro do Sul, it is located in the Serra de São Macário [1], at the bottom of a deep valley so its access by car is somewhat complicated [1] , no […]

Termas de S. Pedro do Sul
S. Pedro do Sul Baths

The Termas de São Pedro do Sul are located in Várzea, São Pedro do Sul. They are the most popular spas in the country. The thermal spring of S. Pedro do Sul has been explored since the 19th century. I. What remains today of a spa built by the Romans is a National Monument.

Capela da Serra de São Macário
Serra de São Macário Chapel

The Serra de São Macário is an elevation of mainland Portugal, with 1052 meters of maximum altitude (in Alto de São Macário). It is located just over 10 km north of São Pedro do Sul. Make your reservation at the Palace Hotel & Spa Monte Rio, visit our region and discover the beauty of the Serra de São Macário and the […]

The three mountains of Vale de Lafões

São Pedro do Sul has in its municipality three mountains, Arada, Gralheira and S. Macário. Here, nature takes us back to the beginnings of human memory in the world. There are several ways to penetrate this natural ecosystem of waterfalls, rivers and valleys where you really “think” you are going to stroll.

Routes for all tastes

There are several circuits organized by tour operators that offer you programs and suggestions to enjoy all the natural resources of the region. You can find organized walks, mountain bike circuits, horseback riding, motorbike or quad circuits. There is also a tourist train to go through the village.

Biopark of São Pedro do Sul


In the heart of the Serra da Arada, it is a natural center of emotions and unique experiences. In addition to the water mills, waterfalls and natural lagoons that offer unforgettable moments of leisure and dialogue with nature, you can also enjoy a natural pool, sports fields, a natural, playful and unique space.

Castro da Cárcoda


Castro da Cárcoda or Castro da Cárcola, occupying an area of about 10 hectares, is located next to the town of Carvalhais, in the municipality of São Pedro do Sul, on the slopes of the Serra da Arada, at 610 meters above sea level. composed of several dozen houses and rock paintings spread over fifteen rocks.

Rural Museum of Carvalhais in São Pedro do Sul


Next to the Parish Church is the Rural Museum. It is a space dedicated to ethnography, in which you will learn more about the arts and crafts of rural life. Here you can see pieces of sacred art donated by the inhabitants of the parish and the church.

Reriz Palace in São Pedro do Sul


The Reriz Palace was built in the 18th century, characterized by its meshed facades and its stonework. The main façade has four rectangular windows, dominated by broken pediments and guarded by railed balconies. The gardens of the manor are located in the inner courtyard.

Monastery of S. Cristóvão de Lafões


Founded at the dawn of nationality, endowed with a charter by D. Afonso Henriques (1153), the Monastery of S. Cristóvão was probably the first Cistercian abbey in Portugal, affiliated in the mother house of Clairvaux (Claraval) which was the monastery of S. Bernardo. It is a monument of historical, architectural and cultural interest.



From the Unknown Soldier, you can visit the Theater, the Church of Sto. António, Solar do Arco, Porta dos Cavaleiros and Chafariz de S. Francisco. In the vast garden of the Fontelo visit Solar do Dão and during the year keep in mind: there is entertainment for all ages and activities always taking place.